John Minor Carothers III

Friday, August 19, 2011

Aaaaah, My first week of my second year of Hell (High school)

Well, Monday, I started my first day of Sophomore year! It went kinda boring at first. But here's how it went. We go into the auditorium for one of Coach Adam's stupid talks, then we go to homeroom to get all the papers, then I went to Barton (who is a VERY sweet lady and is BEAST at teaching). Then I go to Stokes and I absolutely LOVE her! She is SO crazy! Then I have art. Katie james is in that class and I freakin love her! She cracks me up EVERY day!!! She taught me yesterday that sharks have TWO male reproductive organs! (If ya know what I mean ^.^) THEN I have my FAVORITE class of the day! ACTING! I have it with like the most awesomest people ever (besides Jesus and Myra Boulware.....whoa that sounds REALLY creepy so forget that lol but she is still awesome) : Genell Davis, Stephanie Taylor, and Rachel Smith! We laugh so hard every day! We creep on people in the lunch line, have wierd skits and suc, and we tell EVERYONE about that fun shark fact! Haha I love them! But anyways, I then go to Spanish with Danny (Coach Carpenter) and he cracks me up! He tells the corniest jokes but they are SO funny! Then I have Glenn, she seems nice, but I'm just ready to leave after 6th period lol but overall, my week has been GOOD!

Oh, well my birthday is tomorrow and I will be FIFTEEN! Time is going by WAYYYYY too fast! But hey! I FINALLY get a cell phone tomorrow!!!!! I'm so freakin excited!!!

But I think that's about it!

Oh, sorry that this is my first blog post in a while! I've been busy with school and stuff!

Well peace homieeess!!! Haha I am not black but I love acting like a wanna be ghetto person!

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