John Minor Carothers III

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Hate Everything.

Ok, so, every stinkin' time I try to change up my blog, I get so frikkin frustrated! I hate EVERY single one of those stupid backgrounds! Well I don't hate ALL of them, they're just not "Jordan's Blog Material". I HATE IT! Ugh! And when I try to search for backgrounds on google, those are sucky too! UGH!

I'm so sorry guys. I know I've been on like a blog frenzy but I just need somewhere to post all of my feelings. Twitter doesn't allow that many characters, and I don't want all of my 700 something friends on facebook to watch me gripe and complain, especially if they don't want to. So I turn to here. This is why you guys read it don't you? Ugh nevermind.

Shady people! So there's this one particular "friend" that I could just strangle right now. Like when school was in, she was fine, well I thought she that I think about it, she's been shady for a while. But anyways, she'll meet these people that she barely knows and she thinks they're best friends! And she's been blowing everyone off for these "best friends" now! Doesn't even want to invite her friends from her own school to a party. UGH!

Sorry. I'm just angered with this person right now. Well good-bye all! Thanks for putting up with my problems.

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